Saturday, September 6, 2014

What won't we do to paint?

Yes, I'm uploading a video of myself climbing "into the crawl space behind the Television.
I pondered "moving the Television" but I was "Home Alone"

I could see the Television crashing to the floor and being the scorn of the local residents (it's Football Season). #AintNobodyGotTime4Dat

So I opted for risking life and limb (I'm afraid of heights, yes, even 3 feet off the ground) to do what I love most ...  "Painting!!!"

 Before and After effect of the difference my Life Daring Feat produced .....



Yes, I moved the furniture ...

What daring act have you done lately? .....

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Frames as Art

Did some Re-Arranging ....... oh and painting of the walls ....

Visited a dusty old Antique Store a few weeks back ....


Creepy hallway in old house but I found what I needed.  :)
The owner was moving away.  They told me their "Life Story" ...  interesting story.
His Family owned the home that sits on a Farm.  They went to School together. She married and moved away.  After raising her kids and divorced. She found her old friend on Facebook and a few months later, she was back in BAMA .. and now they're selling the Farm and moving further East (I think) ...  Sweet couple.

They invited me to "Check out our other items Outside" .....

Creepy .....  


Monday, May 5, 2014

Exterior Before and After. Simple and Clean


a trip to WalMart for planters and plants
and a table for 2 chairs I owned previously

Yes, the fire hydrant offends me ....  hideous green top

Minimal and Clean
Oh and we trimmed the hedges and installed solar lights

Saturday, May 3, 2014

I been paintin', I been paintin' .....(and shopping! ... Who take 4 months to buy a Sofa?)

I did .... 

Finally pulled the trigger on the sofa after riding around with a tape measurer in my purse.  Visiting Furniture stores and taking measurements and treating this decision like a major event in life (ok, it is kind of ....  a bad sofa decision can be costly)

Annnnd I threw a little paint around the fireplace and stopped by Target (again) for curtains. 

The Tour "before" we moved in ... here



Furniture Rearrangement As of Monday, May 5th

Original furniture arrangement after painting below:
(One day I will think about a formal entry ... one day)

TV wall is Olympic One's Field Poppy.  The rest of the walls are Olympic's Bone Whit

 The walls had a strange look.  The previous renters didn't own a ladder, I'm guessing.  They tried to touch up the paint with a different color and they didn't reach the crown moulding.  Been there had to do that.  I sympathize

 One coat, two coat ....

 and after a little rearranging ... I'm done!

 I'm going to paint the box behind the TV ... soon

 We had to some "special" adjusting for the Teley .... 
I'm sure you've spotted the 2x4's  :)

 Found the small lamp to the left at a Thrift Store.  It was originally from Target (still had the tag) ..  I left it in the store and it haunted me ..  had to go back for it!

The seating area with the Queen Anne chairs is actually quite nice.  I feel like I'm connected but disconnected enough to finish a book and still interact with the family

What the sofa looked like "in the store"
feel free to let me know what you think .... any suggestions on "furniture moving" :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Masterbedroom Update No. 3 or 4 or ... Big Lots for New Curtains

Big Lot to the rescue with the taupe curtains.  I only purchased 2 panels.  34 inch windows are rather narrow.  I'm so used to 120 inch in width mid century windows.

I tried to check out a few Yard Sales this morning ...  Uggh.  Nothing.  Maybe it's just too soon.

Strolled on over to Big Lots and Wal Mart and got my transformation No. 3 or 4 on.
Oval mirror from Kirklands. I purchased that back on March 1st.

We have Great Light in this house.  The masterbedroom windows face North and I love it.  We also up sized to a King size bed.

Check out previous progress here

Lots of work went on this weekend.  I moved several dressers around and actually put mine in the closet because there's room.  I mopped and vacuum myself into a sweat and it was great.

So how was your weekend?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yeah!! Finally made it to Home Depot and Target!

cue "O Happy Day" ....  yes, it's that serious 

We purchased blinds (that fit the window) and curtains.  Can't begin to tell you how good that felt. 

Living room Furniture (sofa, side table, lamps, pictures, etc) ...  Coming soon
Getting acquainted with the Town and job for now.  

Getting to let a little Retail Home Decorating steam out was Awesome!!!!!!  :)

Mini blinds in the Kitchen and bedrooms

Still rocking the Recliners "literally" ...  sofa and pictures coming

Can't wait to put a sofa table against that wall ...  Hmm and can't help but think ... I had one!  I just sold it in a yard sale.  uggh.  

I splurged a little on Plantation blinds in the 2 Front Windows.  The living room and my son's room.  but that was it.  Interesting thing ....   the house is on a concrete slab, like my house and they applied the laminate "to the concrete"  there's noooo padding. Interesting.  House cost 4x's mine and I put down padding!  :)

Making do with what I have for now 

Moved bed to other wall and finally took down those 52" Roman Shades and put up 34" mini blinds.  It's a Rental, so I didn't want to splurge on Plantation blinds.  "It's NOT my house (I keep telling myself)

Until there's another update (A Thrift Store shopping spree for lamps, pics and accessories) 

God Bless and Let Home Be Home