Friday, August 9, 2013

May the Work I've Done, Speak for Me .....

I often think and sing a random hymn ... and that's one of my favorites.  I hope you know it.  If not, google it  :)

As I remember the walk around the yard today, I can't help but sing it
There are a couple of homes around my *working-class* neighborhood that show the current struggle with the economy.  I'm in Farm Country, but the Number One supplier of jobs was manufacturing.  Textile, Chemical plant, Paper Products, Tire Manufacturer, Drug Company, etc.  We had a pretty sweet set up. 

And once you get over that, the next effect on the neighborhood is age.  The children are not interested in moving back, so once we lose a neighbor, we gain a Renter.  Sometimes a good one and well .....sometimes a not so good one.  When I start cutting your grass, it's bad!  

Everything I do today, I'm trying to think, What If? ....  What if I decide to Sell and an Investors buys it?   What will it look like in 10 years?  All my hard work TODAY.  Like I see of so many other ONCE well manicured lawns now lay waste. Grass growing over the curb, nolonger edged to perfection. Wild vines in the shrubs growing along the roof line. Yes, imagine your Once beautiful well cared for lawn ... Curses!!! 

Well, you get my point.  and then I ask, What if, I'm here in my 70's and can't maintain on my own? 

Not to be a Debbie Downer Today, but as one who See Tomorrow in the eyes of the Present ...  I sing my song until tomorrow comes ....  so even after THEN ....
May the Work I've Don, Speak for Me ....

a quick look to the left over my fence and SEE what I'm talking about



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