Monday, September 2, 2013

Who can mess up Peanut Butter Cookies? I can

I know we don't always share "The Bombs" in Blog land .. but for those who need to see Non Perfection, here you go!!

Cruising Pinterest.  I found a cute peanut butter cookie recipe and not just any peanut butter cookie recipe ...  the cookies were Shaped like a Peanut and not just a round cookie with a fork imprint.

Nutter Butter recipe

Tempting, right?  Well, of course!!

Off for Labor Day ...  I make the attempt

Lesson One ...  abide by the time limit - Regardless of how they look on top (they don't look like they're done ..  they're not springing back like a cake - really, like a cake?  it's a cookie, Jackie, not a cake!) *Self-Talk*

Lesson Two ...  they *grow* as they cook, so don't make them the size of your finger :)

Lesson Three ...  Even when you mess up, Just Enjoy and Eat!!
the light brown one's were delicious!!!

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