Thursday, December 19, 2013

Update of Progress ..... Masterbedroom ... with some furniture in it

Been doing a little tweaking until I can really "Get my hands on it"

I wonder "Who" forgot to bring the curtain rods?  :)
and until the construction of the Headboard ... a mirror will do

Sorry if those pesky socks on the floor are distracting

did a little cleaning in the corner 

I know, I know ..  "how many rugs?" ..  will get together later 

Loving the extra storage in the closet area and YES, I'm going to let the countertops looks like that.  I need a portion of my makeup and hair products OUT in the open  :) 

Gotta do some Color Coding in here but I love it!

A look from inside closet into the bathroom

We're going back around the 30th ..  will get All of my Curtain Rods  :) 

View into Kitchen from bedroom.  I love the Paint color (looks like my Glidden's Olivewood back home in Georgia) 

View from across the hall ...  and check out how I'm using my Office Fridge as a temporary fridge.  (I just bought a fridge and stove at the old house.  Lawd!! ..  Oh well, I'll get one for the Rental.  Thrift Store/Craigs list)

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In no way the final layout ....  just what they sent me :)

Planning a trip to the Thrift Shop "finally" for an old door and trim to create a headboard

Need lots of help over here.  Can't wait to get started!

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