Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The New Digs

Renting in my new City and State, but still decorating.  :)

The Family has already relocated ...  I'll move at the end of the this week.  Ladies, you know this is Tragic.  You/We want to be there for the Move In, right?  Oh well, couldn't be helped

Here are a few pics from the day we saw her ....

Peeping in from the Outside 

Front Bedroom 


Huge Backyard on Corner Lot ....  hmmm.  wouldn't mind buying this one, later  :) 

Middle Bedroom  that will become Guest Room

Kitchen view from Outside window

Back Bedroom 

View from driveway ... Stepford?  :) 

drove around "the circle" view leaving to go pick up key from Rental Office 

Finally ....  Secured key and now for a peek inside 

Sorry, I didn't notice it was blurry ... view standing in doorway looking to right

To the right of the living room, door to Garage 

Looking back into Living room.  View of Front window.

View of inside of Kitchen 

Hmmm ....  first time living with this ...  a mile between stove and sink  :) 

Laundry room

Master bedroom to the right (still next to kitchen like my last house) 

Another view 

Inside Master ... Will place bed between windows

Linen Closet in Bathroom

Nice Master bath 

Heeey.  Nice Master closet

"discovered" the power was still on  :) 

Not sure if the message on the tub was from the manufacturer? 

View looking into Kitchen 

Counter top space has decreased but I can working with it 

Left side of house (or right side if you're standing outside facing it) Bedroom hallway

Front Bedroom

cute little cubbie 


View down hall leave Front bedroom. 1st door on left is Living room and and 2nd door on left is Kitchen. 1st door on right is Middle Bedroom and 2nd door on left is Back Bedroom and door straight ahead is Main Bathroom

Middle Bedroom 

Another view

Ok and another view  :) 

Back Bedroom 

Back Bedroom Closet

Another view of back Bedroom

Main Bathroom

Another View of Back Bedroom.  I think I've seen a "velcro" installation of a frame for bathroom mirrors.  I'll have to try that, since this is a Rental 

Hallway View standing in Main Bathroom doorway 

View into Livingroom ...  door to right is to the garage.  If ...  it was mine, I would move that door to the Laundry room.  

Another view into Livingroom from Bedroom Hallway 

Black appliances ...  and a Fridge is on the To Buy list.  uggh.  :) 

My New View looking out the front door.  Must say Much Better !!!!!!!!!!!1  

View to the left looking out 

Sofa shopping 

See a theme? ...  I'm going Red!!

I Love This One!!

Oh well, all I can post for now ....  More coming soon  :)

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