Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yeah!! Finally made it to Home Depot and Target!

cue "O Happy Day" ....  yes, it's that serious 

We purchased blinds (that fit the window) and curtains.  Can't begin to tell you how good that felt. 

Living room Furniture (sofa, side table, lamps, pictures, etc) ...  Coming soon
Getting acquainted with the Town and job for now.  

Getting to let a little Retail Home Decorating steam out was Awesome!!!!!!  :)

Mini blinds in the Kitchen and bedrooms

Still rocking the Recliners "literally" ...  sofa and pictures coming

Can't wait to put a sofa table against that wall ...  Hmm and can't help but think ... I had one!  I just sold it in a yard sale.  uggh.  

I splurged a little on Plantation blinds in the 2 Front Windows.  The living room and my son's room.  but that was it.  Interesting thing ....   the house is on a concrete slab, like my house and they applied the laminate "to the concrete"  there's noooo padding. Interesting.  House cost 4x's mine and I put down padding!  :)

Making do with what I have for now 

Moved bed to other wall and finally took down those 52" Roman Shades and put up 34" mini blinds.  It's a Rental, so I didn't want to splurge on Plantation blinds.  "It's NOT my house (I keep telling myself)

Until there's another update (A Thrift Store shopping spree for lamps, pics and accessories) 

God Bless and Let Home Be Home

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  1. Hi Jackie, I love how everything is coming along in your home. You have great taste.