Saturday, May 3, 2014

I been paintin', I been paintin' .....(and shopping! ... Who take 4 months to buy a Sofa?)

I did .... 

Finally pulled the trigger on the sofa after riding around with a tape measurer in my purse.  Visiting Furniture stores and taking measurements and treating this decision like a major event in life (ok, it is kind of ....  a bad sofa decision can be costly)

Annnnd I threw a little paint around the fireplace and stopped by Target (again) for curtains. 

The Tour "before" we moved in ... here



Furniture Rearrangement As of Monday, May 5th

Original furniture arrangement after painting below:
(One day I will think about a formal entry ... one day)

TV wall is Olympic One's Field Poppy.  The rest of the walls are Olympic's Bone Whit

 The walls had a strange look.  The previous renters didn't own a ladder, I'm guessing.  They tried to touch up the paint with a different color and they didn't reach the crown moulding.  Been there had to do that.  I sympathize

 One coat, two coat ....

 and after a little rearranging ... I'm done!

 I'm going to paint the box behind the TV ... soon

 We had to some "special" adjusting for the Teley .... 
I'm sure you've spotted the 2x4's  :)

 Found the small lamp to the left at a Thrift Store.  It was originally from Target (still had the tag) ..  I left it in the store and it haunted me ..  had to go back for it!

The seating area with the Queen Anne chairs is actually quite nice.  I feel like I'm connected but disconnected enough to finish a book and still interact with the family

What the sofa looked like "in the store"
feel free to let me know what you think .... any suggestions on "furniture moving" :)

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