Saturday, September 6, 2014

What won't we do to paint?

Yes, I'm uploading a video of myself climbing "into the crawl space behind the Television.
I pondered "moving the Television" but I was "Home Alone"

I could see the Television crashing to the floor and being the scorn of the local residents (it's Football Season). #AintNobodyGotTime4Dat

So I opted for risking life and limb (I'm afraid of heights, yes, even 3 feet off the ground) to do what I love most ...  "Painting!!!"

 Before and After effect of the difference my Life Daring Feat produced .....



Yes, I moved the furniture ...

What daring act have you done lately? .....


  1. wait!! i just noticed the video. i can't believe i saw your tiny foot. that was super dangerous